Changeover: Decisions

Released: May 18, 2018 / Steam

Finding yourself in an unknown place without memories, what will you do? Would you look for clues, trying to find out what's happening here and who you are. Or did you start your life from scratch?

Our hero was lucky enough to be in this situation, but the environment is not the so pleasant: crashed walls and ceiling, which are ready to fall down for one sneeze; old equipment of the communist's times, who have not seen cares for centuries; The piercing cold wind blowing from all the cracks. Icing on the cake is an angry guy with nasty temper and his bloody leg.

The further development of the story depends on you. And remember, the mind forgets everything for a reason!


  • Nonlinear plot with lots of storylines
    There is no place for joy and fun. Your decisions directly affect the future of the game. The first chapter already has more than 10 endings.
  • An unusual mix of action-platformer and visual novel with elements of horror
    Pixelart graphics and dynamic lighting are combined with full-screen illustrations and stunning visual effects.
  • Unique combat system
    The weapon follows the mouse, which allows you to apply different types of strikes, make blocks and choose your own style of combat.
  • Original soundtrack
    In addition to the gloomy music that flows through the abandoned camp, there are bright compositions with female vocals.




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