Released: Nov 2, 2020 / Steam

The game takes place in a fictional country called the Yublin Federation where people get sick with a virus called SOVID-19. You are in self isolation. Only you, your work, your wife, your daughter and 4 walls. Money and products is limited and melting away before our eyes. You work remotely from your computer to the government and you need to issue QR codes to the people to allow them to go out. On the first day of your work, a decree was issued that all people over 65 have to stay at home, therefore, you need to refuse to issue codes to them. With each passing day, the conditions for issuing are becoming tougher. Remember that you need to support your family, not to lose your job and finally not to go crazy.


  • An interactive story with a lot of choices
  • Each day will be more difficult than the previous one
  • The family you need to keep on self-isolation. It is necessary to correctly distribute the family budget and maintain relationships
  • An interactive phone and computer with many applications will help you cope with all daily tasks
  • Nightmares won't let you sleep well
  • 10 Unique achievements




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